Money Back Guarantee

Exam4Lead provides the actual and latest questions and answers to make the candidates understand the real certification exams. We provide a “free demo” of our all products and highly recommend you to watch it before purchasing our products so that you are sure about the capability of what you are buying.

To further gain the confidence of our clients we at Exam4Lead offer Money Back Guarantee, in case of failure in the certification exams after preparing with Exam4Lead dumps. Your full payment will be refunded without any questions.

We believe that our products are excellent for certification exams. If after using our latest and real exam questions, you could not pass the exam, you can claim for the refund. We offer a FULL payment refund in such cases and no question would be asked.

However please note that “money back guarantee” does not mean that our products contain any issues in them. We provide our products as we promised. Exam4Lead cannot be held responsible for the mistakes of the applicant e.g. not attempting the exam. Therefore, to avoid any false claim and to serve our customers as promised, we have formulated a policy. We would like to share it openly as it is important for your own good.

Payment Refund Procedure:

The “Payment Refund Procedure” of Exam4Lead is quite simple. Just following are the requirements in this case:

For refunds, our e-mail is:

It will be the refund of product payment or you will be advised to get another product that will help you to pass the certification. The refund will be sent to you in 7 working days.


Payment Refund Policy: